Worship is everything we live for, we think about and what we desire! Nothing engages our hearts so much but only giving glory to Him Who Is. From our passion and desires to always, everywhere be in God’s presence was born the willingness to share this, what we believe God revealed to us. That is why after so many years of walking with Jesus, looking for His face there was created a workshop series related to worship. The workshops are addressed to all the worshippers of the Only God, who as much as we want, above all, worship Him extremely; who in their openness will be eager to share with us, what’s in their hearts, also accepting what we – Life4worship – live every day: extreme lasting in worship!


With pleasure, we invite You to find out about workshops prepared by Life4worship, addressed to all, who in their hearts have worship. For those who want breakthroughs, who miss giving the glory to God beyond the schema and habit, for those who dream to exalt God by singing, dancing, movement, colour… everything.

The workshops are addressed to churches, groups, communities looking for development. Each of the offered topics can be treated as a separate workshop led during the weekend. It is also possible to make regular weekend meetings regarding selected workshops.

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