The new song

What is eternal, former – still new: like fresh juice, renewing grass: the only possible movement – according to Spirit’s wind; this, what exists, as if recreated; the new thing – CHADASH… “And they sang a new song before the throne (…)” Rev 14.3; lasting in continuous obedience – His key to the New Hymn: continuous fresh expressing Tehillah, Zamar, Hallal…

May our only idea will be listening to Him Who Sits on the Throne, the only freedom is following the Spirit; to past, present and future be touched by the truth, the salvation, the healing, the release. To become like the leaves always moving with the direction of the wind; to be the tool in His hand, to be His voice –  this is what we desire, follow and run after!

Every day we want to hear more, see more, so as the song we sing would be always NEW and have power to bring heaven to earth, so as His glory was here and now.

So if You, just like we, want every day to learn to listen, to sing the song His way, be the mouth of Him, who Is praiseworthy – look with us for fresh, reviving…renewing song.

What for and for whom?

We invite to cooperate everyone, who miss for continuous freshness in worship according to persistent truths established by God.

Purpose of the workshop is to listen to the Holy Spirit and to skillfully recognize of his voice, leading – so as exalting of the uur God would never be what we want but what He wants. Our strain will be gaining the courage to choose in every moment just HIS clue – the only possibility to sing the new song. Through the workshop, we want to show inseparable Hebrew forms of worship accompanying the development of the new song.

What do we learn?

practical worship according to the obedience of Spirit’s
clues and courage towards the heard voice
biblical ways of expression of the new song
using the Holy Spirit’s gifts given to the church.