In preparation

Projects in preparation

Creatively and Inventively; following God’s voice and His wind we create new projects. We dream that each of them multiplies the extreme level of worship of The Sitting On The Throne!

The school is meant for all related to worship: for everyone who is hungry, who wants a development looking for Extreme God’s Glory. We will touch topics connected with scriptural bases of worship: from the history to the forms of giving glory described in the Bible – to putting those into practice. The place, in which the purpose will be to make the word become alive and where theory would only be the foundation for practice.

The workshop connected to worshiping God by any form of movement. Addressed to those who want to give glory not only by sound, song, word, but also by body. For those who are looking for biblical answers to the subject of worship and dance. Finally for those, who are looking for breakthroughs and their desire is to go beyond the modern, western mentality, which pushed movement and dance out beyond the borders of worshiping and exalting God. We want this workshop to contribute to bring His standards back to earth, so as all forms of worship – including movement – would touch each other, making the atmosphere of heaven full of perfection and harmony.

Aseries of workshops based on biblical study, concentrated on Old Testament sanctuaries: the history of Israel points out that after each awakening and renewal of The Chosen Nation the Sanctuary of Glory has been built (Moses, Hezekiah, Uzziah’s tent…). During the workshop, we want to focus our attention on the concept of endless presence in front of God’s Throne and continuous giving glory. We want to discover connection between God’s Presence, obsession and attitude of endless and undying people’s hunger, who with all their strength want to give glory in Spirit and Truth.

This workshop is focused on and dedicated to the subject of scriptural ways of exalting God. We want to look closer at the essence of worship basing on multiplicity of different scriptural words, expressing how to give glory. We also want to focus attention on the fact that our creativity, response, the chosen way of worshipping is present thanks to coming God’s Presence – only thanks to it, that HE is, there appears variety and diversity. The workshop will be a kind of scriptural study, thanks to which, we believe, we will deepen understanding of scriptural forms of worship by finding out their beginnings, origin and usefulness according to what God expects Himself also, at the same time we will pay attention that any foundation and basis to giving glory are motivations and HEART.

The workshop is concentrated around the subject of thanksgiving. The purpose is to focus attention, that SOMETHING so plain as thanking can appear to be the lost key to the gates of glory. We also want the workshop to illustrate any values of thanksgiving, simplicity of practicing it connected with music and deep prayer. We also wish to practice thanksgiving with You to experience changes in the atmosphere among difficult conditions.
The workshop is addressed to people, who feel that God is calling them to worship. We want, together with you, think over the core of calling: in what way to recognize it properly and how not to give in to burnout, turning away from the place which God has planned for us. During the workshop we want to focus on features and blessings, which all called up to extreme worship are characterized by: willingness to pay the price and agreement that the prize would be HE HIMSELF, the only God, so as he would be enough. According to what we believe in and understand that God’s Word says we wish to express, that worthy to dedicate everything is He: for His glory, for His dignity…our way of life, comfort zone, habits… everything – so as the won, priceless pearl would be ONLY GOD.

Fragrance of the Heart: exceptional project for the brave!

At the beginning, there was… fragrance of the heart – meeting with God, who clearly spoke, making me understand that heart… is the key to enter the place, where GOD IS. 30 years have passed by since that moment, but I remember it exactly. What happened then gave beginning to what is now: Life4worship.

Fragrance of the Heart: place of intimacy, depth, meeting HIM face to face. HEART – key of the extreme worship, being extremely with God.

We invite to exceptional project: the secret garden where You meet beauty and mystery.