Life4worshop is a project, which arose out of longing, passion, a sense of discomfort; willingness to touch the deepest depth, to jump from the highest height. Life4worship is the courage to set off into unknown, the pursuit of discovering what has not been discovered yet, to see invisible; it is a burning desire to come closer, to tear the curtain, to enter the place of transfiguration; it is craziness of putting everything on HIM WHO IS; it is a risk, a journey into the unknown… It is the pursuit after what’s transcendent; it is resistance to fears, habits, routine. Join, let’s run! So, as heaven would be here and now, so as HE would be with us… Face to face.

Life4worship – life for worship, extreme persistence in the presence of King!


We have an unusual, wild and extreme pleasure to invite You to get to know and join our project Life4worship.

In the centre of what L4W is going to be is WORSHIP, worship of Him, whom we declare our only King, Saviour, Master… Jesus.

Our aim will be making place in which we will talk about everything that concerns   giving glory to God. We want to share what is fire in our hearts, also seeking that valuable gifts, of those who will be eager to share them with us, would see the daylight! Our dream is so that the space, which we will make, becomes a platform, a place of meetings, understanding, respect, second chance. We miss to see what God had laid in us – polish – to be able to discover one and unique song – song of Our nation.

We dream to inspire and to be inspired; to encourage and to be encouraged; to inflame and to be inflamed.

We say stop to all schemes, because as founders of Life4worship, we want to throw ourselves into the abyss of what God has prepared for us! And although we do not know where and what the landing place will be alike, we trust, it will become the best.

Wielki jest Pan i godzien wielkiej chwały
w mieście Boga naszego.
Góra Jego święta, wspaniałe wzgórze
radością jest całej ziemi;  
Ps 48, 2

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Since Your Love
Brandon Hampton

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Something for the brave.

Worship workshops.
On earth as it is in heaven.

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