False Worship

False worship

Loss, crisis, religion, form, ossification, pain, burnout, resignation, monotony, lack of breakthrough, downfall, withdrawal, failure; empty sounds, carnality, sadness, empty acting, human fervor without the DEPTH; false worship: against God’s presence, against lasting in place to see Him face to face; against Spirit, cleaning, light, against fresh word, against gratitude, against calling.

As people who love worship, we want to reveal everything which grows apart those who want to exalt God, from giving glory “in spirit and truth”. May the false spirit and everything he carries: trap, deception, ignorance, routine, sense of guilt, rejection may all be revealed; so those who are called by God, without lie, falsehood would seek for His Face; so He, who Is worth would be exalted. If you miss for “clean” place of worshipping God… if you want to be in place, where there is only Him and if disapproval for routine and coldness lights your heart – stand with us in clear opposition to FALSE WORSHIP!

For whom and what for?

We invite to cooperate everybody related to worship service.

During the meeting, we want to show what worship is not, what traps lie in for all connected to ministry and how to reveal the false angel of light. We wish to encourage everybody discouraged and standing in place of confusion. We want the workshop to contribute so everybody chosen by God did not stand still turning away from the place of calling and destiny.

What do we learn?

biblical rules of worship
how to recognize the place of deception
how to keep your own calling
how to stand in opposition to all falseness
what real worship in spirit and truth is