David’s leader

David’s leader

pulsating rhythm in heart, clean, noticeable, surrounded by the space and the perspective of tomorrow; exactly knows what happens – man according to God’s heart.

Loves looking at PASSION; guards it as the most precious treasure.

Does not sleep because he sees dream at fingertips. Believes that everything is possible; knows why Glory rises, when he stands with others to worship. Works with heaven, matures every day, raises head against any obstacles and hardships – because gift obliges, so he learns & grows. Needs time, but the flame in heart does not fade, discouragement, hardship… nothing stops him. Like a good minister, he answers to the heaven itself. Seeing people, potential, diversity, wealth of blessing; he admires. Will not rest until he digs out the treasure, does not lift hands looking for the answer. His sight is sharp, penetrates the soul, it is like calling, “try”! His touch – soothes pain, fear, embarrassment. When he gets up, the voices fall silent, when makes a speech – respect raises, when sings and plays – nobody dares to be… indifferent. Always ready to hear His voice, always ready to follow HIM without a doubt. DAVID’S LEADER.

For whom and what for?

The workshop is addressed to people called for worship, those who understand their place of vocation and those who need encouragement, ensuring, conviction as well… During the workshop, we want to look closer at biblical model of worship leader, to understand essential rules in the ministry to activate the spiritual gifts. Through studying biblical models of worship leaders, we want to understand how to stand amongst everyday life in place of exclusiveness for HIM.

What do we learn?

how in practice use biblical models of worship leaders
how amongst circumstances „reach for” biblical model of worship
understanding what kind of worship people God seeks for
naming purpose in ministry according to contents and hints of Bible