Development – is one of those realities which we truly value. As Life4worship we like to see how changes in our reality occur and a place in which we find ourselves today does not remind that in which we were yesterday. But apart from the fact that we ourselves are continuously eager to learn new things, to develop and as a result bring better fruits, we also love to see how others’ lives are changing for better. We extremely value the possibility to observe circumstances in which people start to recognize their gifts, treasures laid in them by God, enabling the reach of things which were out of the range. Using our own gifts, abilities and qualifications we invite to benefit from our resources in the branch of coaching.

For whom?
For everyone who thrives for change, for the brave ones ready to meet themselves, for those who feel that they are in crisis, for everyone who does not know how to use and how to manage their gifts.

To reach unreachable, to defeat every crisis, to detect new possibilities, to understand the place of calling and to change thinking habits.

For what?
Because coaching: supports personal development, helps to help oneself, promotes discoveries of brand new solutions, leads to good change, does not force but supports.

Our offer?
Cooperation with certified trainer, meetings “face to face” or in groups (max 15 people).

If you want to know more, or you feel that our offer answers your needs, write to us:, or call: +48 502 288 517.