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Green and red

And that’s how we’ve finished the third edition of Skoly Uctivani (Worship School). It’s difficult to describe it with reflection or to summarise. Yet we’ve just started our first meeting in a beautiful Emmanuel Centre in Czech Vysočina Region. Each edition ruled with its own rights and was different than foregoers. And we? We’ve learned how to do things easier, simpler, deeper so the revelation could find place in hearts and could sprout as fruits. Yet, only after fruits we can know everything, if it’s from the Spirit or not.

The end of III Edition as each year in the streets of Pardubice. Very practical way to practise how to sing the New Song or carry in hearts God’s Power to people. My adventure, with Czech Republic with Czech Nation, has lasted since 2011. I look at that way and don’t know what to say… I’m privileged to be there and rebuild destination and Czechs’ heritage. As Maryla Rodowicz sings: „… I’m yet lucky…”

On one of the pictures you can notice map of Czech Republic and on it, green and red drawing pins. I was not aware of the importance of what’s going on there, and that it has such a dimension. Well red drawing pins mean all those places, where the worship is led regularly. Sometimes it takes place in a particular church, sometimes worship is led in the streets of the cities. Some other time it’s a group of different people from different denominations, who stand together to bring change to local community and region. With red drawing pins we can identify someone, who carries responsibility and makes sure that the worship is systematic.

Green drawing pins mean places where there are plans to prepare worship to take place once or many times. Sometimes these are places in Czech Republic, where something spiritual was initiated, but was stopped by different circumstances. There may not be people who are ready to carry responsibility to flood their land with thanksgiving and worship. Yet desire is burning in those places.

Ahead of us IV Edition of Czech School of Worship. In January 2020 we’re starting our Crusade to burn Czech Nation, call people to worship, rebuild hope. As Leadership we have only got one desire, to replace green drawing pins with red ones and mark new green drawing pins on the map of Czech Republic.

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