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Songs of Nations – Herrnhut

Shabbat Shalom

6 pm is coming up. Most of the participants is are already here. Others are just arriving. Many good acquaintancesand friends from Europe. Keen greetings and warm – hearted talks. The weather is awesome. From the early morning, during the whole journey the sun is shining. Hosts of Prayer House in Herrnhut set the tables up in the garden. We’re sitting at the tables and with outright respect allow to be led in Shabbat Dinner. Prayers, singing. Definitely and in humility we invite the Lord to emphasize the time of that event with His Presence.

A blow of silence

Even if I have known that silence is music, yet again I am surprised. It sounds in the ears and one doesn’t want to run away from it. There’s no reason for replacing it with something else. This silence speaks. I already know, it’s not silence but mistery, which is hiding in that silence. God’s peace is so deep and palpable that one can’t find the right words. We all feel that. We are smiling to each other, but incomprehensible tears appear too. Some of us are just crying. They’re asking what’s going on, why can’t they overcome the emotions.


We start the first worship session. We agree that the experience we have with God, revelation which we carry, potential, or any devotion and theology we leave behind the door. The only entrance ticket is hunger for God and longing to experience Him again, even more. First sounds and the whole music is very quiet, intimate, seemingly monotonous. The time of worship during that session is an invitation to personal experiencing of God, tuning one’s heart into His visitation.

Psalm 133

Uninterrupted worship and prayer last for the whole weekend. Talks, relationships, laughter and respect towards each other. Supernatural level of unity. The Holy Spirit is moving more and more stronger. On every step I meet brothers and sisters’ respect. It’s something more than christian decency. That respect and self – abatement towards one another has something saint in itself. Treating others as better ones is omnipresent, breaks in us everything that would like to promote itself.

The bride is calling

The last session of all participants of „Songs of Nations”. The tension for waiting for the Lord’s blow is enormous. We’re standing on the stage and are sure that everything we can do, is to wait, without emiting any sounds, melody, without singing any song. In such a worthy, charismatic body of Lord’s worshippers, intercessors, prophets and apostles, that waiting seems to be endless.

A Cappella

The Holy Spirit starts to conduct the whole assembly in the room. We hear, with the worship leader: „…a capella…”. Silence lasts already several dozen minutes. Nobody gets out of line, nobody has a fantastic idea for what can be done. Vocalisation starts to flow, melody and some content, altogether not understandable. Maybe it’s singing in the tongues. The sound starts to come out from the room, rather some timbre, closer unidentified. I have the impression, as if something was arising from under the surface. It was similar to moving water, which starts to boil, but that moving of water was a sound. It was like cry, scream, sighing, moaning also clearcuttings of some melodies and even songs.

Bow Down

Individual people start to take their shoes off and start to kneel down. Suddelnly the whole assembly kneels down and bows down. That picture takes my breath away. It’s the Lord who wishes to bow down before Him. It lasts a long while. God moves among us. This submissiveness is fortified with prayers. I hear the prayers of repentance, but also of gatitude. Respect before God’s Presence is growing more and more. We feel His Holiness and we are afraid of His holiness.

Dance of life

A dancer comes to the front of the room. Makes strange movements, similar to „executioner” of some martial arts. The dance becomes more and more distinct and starts to illustrate bith of something new. Through labour pains new life is released. New, which God galvanises, rises. We hear, as the Spirit speaks, to join that dance to do it together. I can’t believe my eyes. More than 200 people from different countries, different culture and mentality, with different theology, start, try to copy the dancer in her moves. The Whole Assembly prophesizes and proclaims with dance „new” which approaches Europe. I’ll never forget that picture.

Apostles’ Leadership

Immersed in that unity we’re ready for each impulse of the Holy Spirit. Ready for what He says, for obedience. That is feeling full of fear, that I’ll do everything He says. One of the apostles takes a microphone and releases God’s order. The prayer is very short, but the wave of authority and power moves among all participants and again makes noise and sound. That sound, I have an impression, is like „amen” to the apostle’s prayer. The meeting lasts already few hours, we don’t have a mandate to finish it. Everyone personally decides, how long they will continue in font of God.


Sunday sevice with Herrnhut local church. The only thought is to bless them and express the respect for their faithfulness in nursering and rebuilding the heritage. The Holy Spirit leads us to singing the New Songs. We bless them by singing the prophesies, proclamations and the whole blessing, expressing it from the bottom of our hearts.

Last talks, prayers, words of thanks. We’re packing up and coming back to our countries. I’m listening to my heart. I have no doubt. It’s not the end of a nice christian celebration, it’s the begining of something new for Europe.


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