Brno. Wells of Worship – conference

Brno.                                                                                                                                                                                                               We’re going. We’re very curious how the conference will go. Finally we, Life4worship team,  manage to be in a bigger number than usual. We look at recent history of that beautiful city and let us dream. Twenty years ago Brno experienced visible spiritual movement  which is, first of all, connected with worship. Schools, famous manifestations of God’s Presence, a great amount of encouragement for musicians, inspiration and lightning the fire in hearts, upraising. Brno really encourages the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. A question comes to my mind, how big is that well? Does it, what we’re doing, let reach the heritage of that place and do we, by calling up on our conferences worship message, contribute to glorious restoration of the past?

Together with group of Czech musicians we stand to worship and with respect, give the best we have from our calling. We join polish anointing with what God put in our friends. Friday evening worship comes to looking for His Will. Holy Spirit shows clearly, that He Himself will look after people’s hearts.

Saturday starts with polish accent. Worship leads our band. Almost immediately we enter into prophecy sphere. We sing and play, what God prompts to us. Tehillah – Song from God – is the main point of teaching, but also history of worship in the Czech Republic, especially spiritual works of  Morawski brothers.

The conference finishes with rich prayer for all people, those who want change, who want more. During the conference we experience a lot of joy, make new relationships, have good time and feast together.

We return happy, pleased and full of gratitude for good time and conference in which we could take part. It’s also difficult not to respect our neighbors, looking at their development in the area of worship.

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