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Water or Wine?

And there were six water jars according to the jewish custom. If they weren’t completely empty, yet at least in some part, for Jesus asked the servants to fill them with water to the edges. It could mean only one, that people who were gathered at the wedding respected customs and culture, they were religious people and respected rules and orders stated by the law. Jewish custom said that before entering anybody’s house one should wash their feet and hands to clean themselves. That’s why everyone before entering the wedding hall, washed their hands and feet with the water from the water jars.

Wine was very important at the Hebrew’s weddings. People from the east, because of their hospitality, each lack or shortage of dishes, all the more wine, treated as shame. That’s why the married couple faced the possibility of great distress and humiliation.

When Jesus stepped into the situation, first he noticed the water jars. The custom of washing hands mattered to Him. On His command the jars were filled with water, despite the fact that, they weren’t expecting any new guests. We don’t know what kind of prayer did he say, if any at all. He said to take water from the jars and give to the master of the wedding. He raised his eyes in surprise. The party lasted for such long time, that most of the guests didn’t recognise strength and power of the drinks. Yet, deep and velvety taste of the wine surprised him. The master’s remark to the groom was straightforward. „At the end of the wedding everyone serves wine which is diluted a lot, for the guests it doesn’t make any difference, but You preserved the quality till the very end”.

Wedding at Cana in Galilee. The story about what the worship is and how comes to it. Story telling about the miracle, which let to perserve quality and fullness of the meeting, through the whole wedding.

Worship is what leads to experience and personal meeting with God, meeting which brings about true intimacy. It won’t happen yet, without miracle of transformation: transfiguration of what I have, what is my resource and preparation.

Miracle of worship. Because it happens only when HE touches of what is my potential, possibility and ability.

Jesus. The One who changes my water into wine. He, who makes the miracle. Without Him the most precious musicmaking lasts in the limits of ritual, nice custom.

Quality. Always awaited by the master. In every moment this quality is important: at the begining, in the middle and in the end…wine must be perfect.

Preparation. I believe it’s important – not only technical, connected with harmony, tone, chords and matching voices. I also notice the meaning of spiritual readiness for the event, which is music in the Church. Again and again I had experienced the interference of the Holy Spirit in my ministry, only because of the fact that I cared for the level of water in my jar. My whole preparation, everyday life with God, my prayer, my filling with the Word, is a good custom. Good customs and habits are what Jesus is looking for in us to touch it and give it power.

Entering the stage I cared about the conditions, so my jars were full for the model to work. „My heart is ready” and my all resources. I think it’s important, because the Holy Spirit wants to use it. Looking at past experiences I see how often I had made a mistake, believing, that who I am, thanks to His grace, is enough. After years I understood that: if it’s something more than nice, good playing, if it’s worship to come, I needed to do two things:

Find Jesus in that particular situation. His position and His voice. Many times earlier I didn’t have such reflection. I drew the water out from the jars and gave to people. While doing that, I didn’t ask the question: Where are you Jesus? What do you want me to do? What do you care about? Which direction should I go into? What do you expect from me?

Secondly I noticed, that when I find out, where He is and how His voice sounds, I must invite Him to change my water into His wine. Miracle necessary for worship to happen.

After years of experiece, ministry and searching I notice, that one of the most important questions, which provokes not to stop in the boundaries of good playing and musicmaking, which will continually make me go beyond boundaries of custom and ritual, which finally will sweep me into worship, is: do I choose my water or His wine?




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