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Worship School Czech Republik II

Completely regardless of me, for March meeting of Worship School in Czech Republic I set up with a big delay. I arrived at the place, when our group of leaders was praying. We were playing and arranging course of the whole meeting. My excitement was the bigger because of the fact that the main point was the workshop „ Heaven’s Expression”, based on the verse: Rev 5,8. I’m always wondering if what’s writtien there isn’t the essence of worship. Despite the fact that in the whole Bible there are just a few places, which mention harp and bowl, yet in any way everything God tells about the worship is soaking with it.

Yet armed to the teeth with the Word and still changing teaching I knew, that the Lord will come and confirm His expectation towards us, worshippers. My hot expectation was also intensified with the picture which I got from God in a dream. Although I’m not one of those often dreaming, yet such a clear picture, which I had experienced, had a great impact on me. Namely, I was dreaming God’s Word presentation with help of a board and text markers. I was drawing symbolic visuals seeing at the same time, how Lord himself outlines and explains to me the contents to be passed. The topic of the dream were four main areas in which worship leader and the whole team can move and what it brings. I must yet admit that although I’ve been  in the worship ministry and work in it for over 30 years, I saw and heard such things for the first time. Those four areas highlighted style and the way of moving in worship. Fields, which were highlighted are carnality, one’s own strength and emotions. Fourth field and the way of worshipping came out of what’s spiritual. I saw wealth of Glory in it, it’s something which everyone cares a lot about. The dream revealed also that in our worship school we must open a section which will be dedicated to worship leaders, who serve in their churches. The picture was new, fresh and I had a lot of questions, yet consultations weren’t possible. Finally we transfered the first workshop to the next meeting, aiming to get deeper understanding and revelation.

Evening Friday worship and Saturday morning session released a lot of joy and led participants to different breakthroughs. Before we started teaching about Heaven’s Expression, there appeared some demonstrations of God’s Presence, which prepared us for new experiences. Exeptionally easily and with a lot of freedom we put the Word through, discovering and practising the text from Revelation.

Each Saturday evening during II Edition of Worship School in Czech Republic is exeptional. Actually from the very first meeting we’ve decided to make much more space for others to lead the worship. We introduce also what the discovered Word says. The task of each group was thus worship inspired by God’s Presence, worship in which it is the Holy Spirit who decides how it will be expressed, what sounds, colours, words, pictures will be manifested in particular moments. Each time it’s a three hours’ feast, and each of workshop groups make it in a uniqie and exeptional way. That variety brings and releases a lot of power, and that brings fruit in undoubtful feeling of God’s Presence. It was so definite, especially, when the Holy Spirit led us to a deep humbleness and prophetic proclamation. It’s a great privilege to see how Czechs fight for their land and revival in their country.

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