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Worship School Czech Republik III

The whole April meeting in worship school in Pardubice was dominated by dancing. Except that, Dorota from the begining with a big group of participants is building dancing ministry, that weekend was enriched of a very important element, which is men’s dancing. We packed ourselves with Marcin into the car and set off to answer the need. During each of worship school we devote one whole meeting to teach about and emphasize  dancing in worship ministry. Because of unclear shame and embarrassement connected with men’s dancing that is quite common in the whole Europe, it’s very important to bring that matter a little bit closer. Marcin, dancing in front of the Lord man, brought amazing annointment and inspiration to everyone. The whole Marcin and Dorota’s teaching, and then connecting the Word and their own testimony during workshops, raised courage to just dance. Putting foundations for dancing brings a lot of courage every time, especially to release dancing through men.

Dancing people say that pre – dancing was created by God only for worship. I have no proofs for that, but I comply with such a statement, when I see how dancing during worship changes something in the atmosphere, which is not seen during other forms and activities. Special difference is in the level of freedom and space which appears.

Dancing was always present in everything Hebrews did with God. When He was revealing his name or was asking Jews for something, it was connected with reacting though physical activity. In Abraham’s calling, and later in building Jewish nation, dancing was present in every kind of worship. In other words, if we read somewhere in the Bible that Jews worshipped Lord, dancing was necessary part of it, it was a natural involvement because body also worships God, not only thoughts. Dancing is present with each activity, at each Lord’s Celebration Succoth, Pecach and others.

Celebrating for a Hebrew always means, singing, playing intruments and dancing.

People’s reaction to God’s Voice was located and is located in a fundamental rule of Worship described in Revelation chapters 4 and 5. It’s a worship rule around God’s throne. We describe it as Heaven’s Expression. The nature of this worship and its foundation make the rule of reacting in obedience to desire of God’s heart, expressed in inspiration, stirring or order of praticular behaviour.

Today’s christianity struggles with mental problem connected with dancing, movement with flag, marches with banners, parades, prayer walks. Dancing and the mentioned were treated as something which isn’t needed, and making place for ministry and worship by dancing, is treated as extravagance, something spohisticated. And such dancing is different, subtle expression of prayer, joy, call, breakthroughs, answer to God’s visitation.

Who is struggling, is struggling. Worship School in Czech Republic goes down in history right in our eyes, history written by screaming of joy, naive jumping, any kind of movement and „contortions”, and choreographic beauty, when dancing falls into group, full of unity manifestation os hearts, which are burning for Lord.


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